Boasting over 42 years of experience, the proprietor of Irresistible Pools & Spas, Jim Wilson, has been working to establish his impeccable reputation in the Pool industry for quite some time. Starting from scratch at a young age, Jim has built the company with his bare hands, and after enlisting the help of his three children, Keith, Jarred and Karly, this family business has fastly spawned into one of the most successful pool businesses in Sydney. Our belief is that you can provide outstanding service, while still maintaining a positive, can do attitude. Irresistible Pools & Spas promises result, and always delivers. Working with nothing but the best equipment, featuring:

  • A wide selection of Barrier Reef pool shells (Australian quality certified) there are a multitude of shapes, colours, and sizes to select from.
  • Zodiac equipment, to ensure your pool is maintained to the highest standard.

Irresistible Pools & Spas is:

  • Fully licensed
  • A member of SPASA
  • Master builders certified

Jim is there from the beginning; to walk you through your own free personal quote, and guide you through the entire process, until your pool is at a truly Irresistible standard.

So if you want quality service, then Jim is the man for the Job. Call Irresistible Pools & Spa’s today.

jim wilson irresistible pools
Jim Wilson
Pool Installations

Tel: 0412 313 561

jarred wilson irresistible pools
Jarred Wilson
Pool Installations
keith wilson irresistible pools
Keith Wilson
Pool Installations

Tel: 0404 873 840